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Hello and welcome to


My name is Michael Reid. I am a student sports journalist at the University of Huddersfield. Welcome to my website, sportingreid. Here you will find articles and information on some of the biggest sports in the UK, including football, rugby union, rugby league, tennis and snooker.


sportingreid gives factual, impartial, independent news and views on the latest sporting headlines. This includes Live Updates from myself, as well as My Picks of the Week, which contains my favourite sporting news, articles and videos from the last week across the Internet.


I myself have competed in my fair share of sports, including swimming, tennis and football. Like many young boys, I took up football from the age of 5, aspiring of course, to become the next Steven Gerrard, and have been playing at a low level ever since. A year-long knee injury in my early teenage years stalled my development and prevented me from taking my game to any higher level, however my passion for the sport, and others, remains.


Now I have taken my love of sport and have decided to share it with all of you. I am currently learning the trade of sports journalism, including written media, radio production and TV broadcasting also. Ultimately, I aspire to one day become a football commentator.


Please feel free to contact me on my details below. Any ideas and constructive feedback will be greatly appreciated and I am always looking for further opportunities. If you have any ideas for articles you may want to read, or any topic you would like me to research, please do not hesitate to ask.


Reid all about it and enjoy!

Michael Reid


Michael Reid..
Reid all about it...